Copywriting &
Content Marketing

Offer value to your reader. Persuade them to make some action on your website.

Well done! You managed to attract new people to your website using SEO, paid ads. You will need to persuade them to buy, sign up or come back to your website.

Use content marketing to entertain and inspire your target audience. Present them with valuable information and educate your possible buyers. 

Copywriting will encourage your target audience to take action in order for you to make a sale.

People Also Ask

How copywriting help businesses?

  • It catches the attention of your audience

  • It's part of your branding such as the slogan and language used

  • Supporting sales as it influences your target audience decisions

  • Maintaining a good and long term interaction with your leads

Copywriting for SEO?

The content of your website should be optimised to stay up to date with the ever-changing algorithms of search engines.

A good readability ranks high on SERPs. A good storytelling with the right keywords is the perfect match between copywriting and SEO.

Differences between copywriting and content creation?

Content marketing will be focused on sharing valuable content in the form of a blog post, a newsletter post, stories, or another type of informational content. This aims to attract leads and retain a clearly defined audience.

Copywriting is focused on the immediate action. Whatever the topic is, the copywriter can piece it together with the intent of converting customers and making money.

How content marketing drives sales?

  • Attract relevant buyers to your website

  • Providing leads with important information

  • Improving brand awareness and recall

  • Improving leadership and authority

  • Increasing buyer engagement with your brand

  • Personalising buyers experience

What is the link between content marketing and SEO?

  • Content will be designed with search engines in mind

  • It's very regularly updated

  • It makes your website relevant for the readers