& Google Ads

Instead of seeing them as competitors, let's think in terms of Google + Facebook.

Google AdWords is the largest and most popular pay-per-click platform in the world.


The focus will be on keyword targeting and the usage of text-based ads.

These terms will be displayed alongside the search results. Every time a user clicks on the ad, the advertiser gets charged.

Facebook is referred to as "paid social."

It is a very competitive and possibly profitable platform. Facebook can help you identify new consumers based on their hobbies and online behavior.

The advertiser will be charged based on the number of clicks or impressions.

Which facebook ads are most effective?

  • Carousel Ads: Showcase multiple products all at once or one product highlighted in individual features

  • Video Ads: Chase and get the attention almost immediately

  • Lead generation Ads: Known to be the king of the conversions

Can we use Facebook ads to increase Instagram followers?

Yes, you can communicate about any of your existing media using Facebook ads. You can either create a call-to-action sending to your website and/or talk about your Instagram account in the description of you ads.

How Facebook ads algorithm works?

  • Track the actions and store data from users who have clicked your ad or visited your website

  • Create custom audiences based on user data (center of interests...)

  • Create lookalike audiences targeting users who have similar attributes to users in your custom audience

When to use Google ads?

It's good to advertise using Google Ads as soon as you want to drive direct conversions and capture high-intent buyers. 
Your business growth could double and even more as you will be able to considerably increase the number of people you are reaching online.

Are Google ads worth it?

Yes, if you prevent and find unprofitable areas of your AdWords account the moment it happens. You need to set up a zero conversion alert that will indicate that your ads has not been optimised. For example, you may have one keyword that drives up hundreds of dollars of cost without a conversion. In implementing a very specific strategy, you will increase the likelihood your campaigns will be profitable.

What Google ads report in Google analytics?

  • Which marketing channels are working (organic, referral, direct...)

  • Where precisely are converting users coming from?

  • How do we identify ROI for paid campaigns?

  • Which products are selling the most?

  • The conversion rate

People Also Ask

Facebook ads VS Google ads

  • Facebook Ads will target users based on their behaviors and interests, Google Ads based on Keywords

  • Ads show up on Facebook Vs in Google search results

  • Facebook Ads audience might not be planning to buy, Google Ads audience is more likely to buy when they search for a product

  • Google Ads main goal is to sell products while Facebook Ads will be brand awareness

  • Facebook Ads is good for sign ups, web traffic while Google Ads is good for selling with a goal