Marketing & Sustainability

Position your brand as an active figure in environmental and societal issues.


Be rewarded for taking positive actions at your level. Humanise your brand and create another reason why customers should choose you over the competition.


A more sustainable economy is a better economy.

Communicate to your customers about your environmental and societal engagement. Promote your products or services in a way that showcases your eco-friendliness. 

That may include products:

  • Manufactured in a sustainable fashion

  • Not containing toxic materials or ozone-depleting substances

  • Produced from recycled materials or able to be recycled

  • Made from renewable materials

  • Not making use of excessive packaging

  • Designed to be repairable and not thrown away

Make your products and services more attractive to your customers, while also reducing expenses (packaging, energy, and water usage).

** As this is not an official certification, you can go further at the environmental level by applying for ISO certification on the dedicated official platforms. **



Provide us with a list of your most recent environmental efforts.


We provide suggestions to help you enhance your green evolution.


Following completion, we provide a green sticker on your website, along with a dedicated page documenting all of your activities.


We provide you with ready-to-post SEO-optimised content to promote your initiatives.

Is your sticker an official accreditation?

No, our sticker is an entry point to your 'sustainability journey'.It's a great way for you to start working on several actions that you can implement and be rewarded for it. The sticker will show your customers, that you act for climate and a page will be dedicated to this topic where we will list all the actions you have made and committed to. Clear and verifiable data to avoid greenwashing. We encourage you to go even further and have a look at the official accreditations as the next step. 

Why business sustainability is important?

There’s no reason why you cannot be sustainable and profitable. Consumers are starting to reward sustainable brands.

  • Improves trust and engagement between staff, investors, customers 

  • Attracts and retain employees 

  • Builds credibility, and improve awareness

  • Stronger Community

  • Customer loyalty

  • A better understanding of your customers

  • Your business is part of the solution

Answers to your questions

What is business ethic and sustainability?

A business can be ethical and sustainable if it's seeking to fight against damages to the environment, silenced employees, and seeking a transparent system of governance. A product will be produced in fair wages and a fair working environment. The goal is to take part in the preservation of biodiversity for the next generation to enjoy the same kind of lifestyles people enjoy today.