Multi-Page Website

Multi-page websites are the most useful to businesses with a physical location

Businesses having a physical presence benefit the most from multi-page websites.

Informational websites are ones that are designed to offer a personalised and branded resource. It is used as a sales technique to bring in new clients as well as prospective active consumers, members, and investors.

The main features for a great informational website are: easy and efficient navigation, fast loading, good content architecture, and an appealing color scheme.

People Also Ask

What makes a good multi-page website?

  • Design: A rich design/imagery makes your website more legitimate. 

  • Mobile responsive: Website that dynamically changes and adapt to each devices used

  • Calls to action: Clear and easy to find to perform said actions

  • Content and menu: User-friendly, unique and easy to naviguate

Is informational website good for SEO?

Yes! Informational website will have more content and internal links.

  • Ability to target complete keywords set and get authority

  • Target specific personas based on consumer segmentation

  • Mobile friendly

  • Ability to track the engagement and improve your UX accordingly

Can I make money with an informational website?

Of course, there are many ways for you to do that:

  • Selling your products and/or services online

  • Use your website to attract customers to your physical store

  • Selling Ad space by using a pay-click model

  • Send someone to your partner's website or sell his/her product yourself in exchange for a commission (Affiliate marketing)

  • Sell your content through a newsletter

  • Have donations from your readers

Does your company need an informational website?

Let's check some information first:


- Your business has a physical location

- You are not selling a digital product.

- The customers of your business aren’t looking to buy online.

- Information about your business is important to making buying decisions.

- You have a lot to show off for potential customers and investors.


If you’ve checked at least three of those boxes, your business would definitely benefit from having a multi-page website.

One page website VS multiple page website

If you don’t have a lot of content and need a simple solution for your business or don’t want to consider online marketing a priority you can go with a single page theme.

You have intended to invest in online marketing, have a lot of content to add, want to stay ranked high in Search engines, you should consider a Multiple page theme.