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Follow This 5 Steps To Be Remembered As An Industry Expert

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

We will be following the 'Trademark technique':

  1. Find a problem

  2. Identify obstacles

  3. Create a solution for one of the obstacles

  4. Brand your solution

  5. Create your trademark case study

  6. No Blah-blah


1. Find A Problem

We need to publish content that helps solve people’s problems. And especially problems that your Linkreators care about.

We could see what topics your Linkreators care about.

Here is two tactics to find problems that people have:

a. Look at blog comments on popular posts on competitor’s sites. When someone

asks a question in a blog comment, that means there’s something in that post that wasn’t

covered. Go for it!

b. Check out Reddit or Quora threads. People generally go there when they couldn’t find an answer to their question on Google.

2. Identify Obstacles

Your Trademark Technique is designed to break down ONE of the obstacles that make it a problem in the first place.

For example, let’s say that the problem you came up with in the previous step was: “Can't sleep at night”.

Which obstacles make this a problem? To name a few: Using phone before bed time, snacking late at night.

3. Create A Solution For ONE Of The Obstacles Above

Think of a problem you that you solved for yourself, a customer or a client.

Was there anything unique about your approach? If so, you’re set.

Combine two common techniques in your industry together.

4. Brand Your Solution

Your solution needs a unique name that brings attention and positions you as an expert.

It needs to be:

a. Descriptive (should represent what your solution does)

b. Has a visual element

c. Contains a term like “Method, Technique, Approach, System, Formula” etc.

5. Create Your Trademark Technique Case Study

Now you need to write a case study that shows off your branded solution.

People want to see that your Trademark Technique works. It doesn't need to be huge results, small, relatable results work BEST. Moderate results are more relatable.

a. Your headline

It should have these 3 elements:

• A specific result. For example ''I could increase my sleeping time''

• A number. For example ''by 1 hour''

• Specific timeline. Days or weeks is MUCH better than months or years. For example ''in 7 days''

How to [Achieve a Specific Result] in Only [Timeframe]

Example: “How To Increase Your Sleeping Time By One Hour In Only 7 Days”

b. Your introduction

• Tell them what you’ll show them

• Outline specific results

• Mention Branded Solution + preview

So your first sentence should be something super straightforward like: “Today I’m going to show you how I increase my sleeping time by one hour in seven days.”

Then, mention or outline a few related results.

For example:

“I also:

• Say goodbye to my eyes puffiness

• Had more energy than I had in years”

Finally, tell people that your branded solution helped them achieve this benefit. Then, mention that you’ll outline the strategy in detail.

For example:

“How did I drop these improve my quality sleep in record time? The Smart and Peaceful Method.

And in this case study I’m going to show you exactly how I did it, step-by-step.”

c. The first section

When people see details about your results, it makes them seem more real and tangible.

This section should literally be:

Subheading: “How I Used The Smart and Peaceful Method to Increase My Sleeping Time by 1 Hour”.

• Result #1

• Result #2

• Result #3

d. The Spicy Details

Now we need to include 3-5 VERY detailed steps.

For example, let’s say one of your steps was: “Practice 5 minutes Of Yoga 1 Hour Before Going To Bed”.

EVERY detailed step should be:

“First, leave your yoga mat on a flat surface. Then, search ''Yoga music'' on Youtube and start the playlist (screenshot).

Then, start doing those 3 positions (another screenshot). 2 minutes of each position on repeat 5 times.'' Include the details for each step here.

e. Conclusion

The conclusion should have 2 things:

• Brief summary

• Call to action

The brief summary is simply “telling them what you told them”. Something like:

“That’s how you can use The Smart and Peaceful Method to Increase My Sleeping Time by 1 Hour”.

Then, include a call to action to comment or share the post.