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Generate Backlinks Using Guest Posts


Guest blogging is the principle of writing an article for another website. You'll capture traffic where it already exists!

The guest post is a "win-win" technique that is open to everybody!

The benefits of writing guest articles include:

  • Build your expertise

  • Capture qualified traffic

  • Generate backlinks

  • Increase your domain authority

  • Immediate results

  1. Find The Blogs To Contact

  2. Google Formulas

  3. Research Follow-Up

  4. Gather Info

  5. Contact The Blogs

  6. Submit Your Article Idea

  7. Write The Perfect Guest Post

  8. Send The Article To Be Proofread

  9. Promote The Guest Post

  10. Set Up a Tracking

  11. Assess The Situation

  12. No Blah-Blah


1. Find The Blogs To Contact

  • List the big blogs in your industry

  • Theme related to yours

  • Good authority

Begin by listing everyone you know, and then check to see if they have any guest posts:

  • Partners section

  • Analyze the authors on the blog

2. Use These Google Formulas To Find More

  • "write a guest article" + your theme

  • "guest article" + your theme

  • "publish a guest article" + your theme

  • "write a guest article" + your theme

  • keyword “submit a guest post”

  • keyword “guest post”

  • keyword “guest post by”

  • keyword “accepting guest posts”

  • keyword “guest post guidelines”

3. Organize a Research Follow-Up


To guarantee that your guest post is approved, present the site owner with topics that will appeal to their readership. You can use Digg; this will show you the blog posts that have received the most amount of Digg votes. Check for the Domain Authority as well.


4. Gather Info About The Blogs On Your List

  • Audience

  • Level of expertise of readers: beginners, intermediates, advanced?

  • Themes & types of content

  • What is the audience's level (beginners, intermediate, advanced)?

  • What kind of readership are they aiming for?

  • Business-to-business companies will want their guest posts to be seen by other businesses, not consumers.

  • What kind of content do they produce?

  • Is it primarily basic ideas or specialized, in-depth tutorials?

  • Do they enjoy making lists?

Advice: Determine which posts are performing well in order to understand what appeals to the target blog audience.

5. Contact The Blogs That Have Been Listed

“Hi, (first name)!

I'm writing you because I came across this post on your blog: (Url) and I really loved it!

It's great to see that you put a lot of effort into the quality of your writing at (business).

(Your business) places a high value on words as well!

We really enjoy your blog. We'd love to put our pen to it in the form of an SEO-optimised content tailored to your audience and written in accordance with your guidelines.

You may get an idea of our style by looking at this:

(Url address of one of your articles)

I'll wait for your updates :)

Have a lovely day.

(Your first name)"

6. Submit Your Article Idea

  • Targeted keyword

  • Headline ideas

  • Plan of your articles

  • Sub-parts

  • Estimated length

And above all: Ask how many backlinks are you allowed!

7. Write The Perfect Guest Post

  • Optimized for SEO

  • Aligned with others

  • Adapted to the blog audience

  • Contains internal & external links

  • Contains 1-3 links to your website / blog

  • Without any spelling mistakes

You must make the blogger's work as simple as possible.

8. Send The Article To Be Proofread

You can send your draft or send a Google Docs document instead. Then, proceed to the blogger's proofreading with the final changes.

9. Promote The Guest Post

  • Newsletter

  • Social networks

  • Respond to comments as they come in

10. Set Up a Tracking Of Your Guest Articles

After 2 months, request a report performs:

  • Position on the targeted keyword

  • Total visits since publication

  • Impressions

  • Clicks

  • Bounce rate

11. Assess The Situation After 5 Guest Posts Have Been Published

Which ones are the most efficient?

Finally, if the blogger is pleased, this is the time to enquire if he is interested in repeating the experiment

7 classic mistakes to avoid:

  • Prepare the article before contacting the blog

  • Make a promotional item

  • Play it solo

  • Forget to ask for backlinks

  • Receive backlinks in NoFollow

  • Forgoing writing a guest article due to the lack of connections

  • Make bad link anchors