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Understand Who Are Your 'Linkreators' To Get More Backlinks

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

  1. What is a Linkreator?

  2. How do you find your Linkreators?

  3. What topics are your Linkreators likely to share with their audience?

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1. What is a Linkreator (Link Creator)

Brian Dean, the SEO genius, created this term.

They are authors, bloggers, or any influencers of your own niche and/or shoulder niche.

These guys are super important because they are likely to be interested in your content and they have the ability to link to you.

Remember that we should create content for our target audience but not only. Some of it needs to be appealing to Linkreators as it could be enough to boost your entire website’s ranking.

Exemple: You are creating a Guidebook that has value for your target audience but is specifically designed for your Linkreators. This way you can get many links from other sites in your niche.

2. How do you find your Linkreators?

  • Using Google search:

Look for a broad keyword that a user would search to find content about your site’s topic.

Example: Let’s say you are running a wedding planner agency. You would search for terms like ‘wedding planner Sydney’ or ‘wedding organiser’. What you will get is your direct competition but not Linkreators.

Instead, search for informational keywords that we would use to find wedding related content:

‘the different steps to follow for a successful wedding’

‘how to make your wedding memorable’

‘best tips for a happy wedding’

In doing that, Google will show you wedding blogs (Linkreators) that aren’t directly competing with you.

If you are in a boring niche, you can still follow that strategy using Shoulder Niches (a niche that is closely related to your main topic).

Are you selling tyres? What are some topics related to tyres? Car supplies, Formula 1, etc.

It's a bit more appealing isn't it?

  • Using ‘Best of…’ Blog Posts:

Other people may have already sourced the best blogs in your niche and published their ‘Best of’ blog posts. These lists are Linkreator gold mines.


[Keyword] blogs to follow

best [keyword] blog

best [keyword] posts [year]

top [keyword] blogs to follow + [year]

In the meantime, you can look for websites that aggregate all of the top and latest news.

  • Who links to the websites?

Some of the Linkreators may not be ranking for the particular keyword you searched for.

Use a site that you found previously and analyse it using Ahrefs or SEMrush for their ‘Backlinks’.

You will find a lot of Linkreators that didn’t show up on Google.

3. What topics are your Linkreators likely to share with their audience?

  • Linkreator topics research

What topics are they covering? Have a look at their website and check out their last posts.

Do you see any common themes?

  • Find Linkreator topics from resource pages

To find resource pages, use these search strings in Google:

“keyword” + inurl:links

“keyword” + intitle:resources

“keyword” + “helpful resources”

“keyword” + “useful resources”

It’s usually best to keep your keyword searches somewhat broad so you don't struggle to find relevant results.

May the Linkreators be with you!