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How Can We Protect Our Forests?

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Because it is precious and contributes to the balance of the biodiversity on which we all depend, but also because it is beautiful and we cannot deprive ourselves of the beauty of life

  1. No junk mail

  2. Optimise paper consumption

  3. Use specific search engines

  4. Recycle

  5. Plant trees

  6. No Blah-blah


1. No junk mail

Did you know that only 20-40% of catalogues are actually read?

Every year, it is estimated that junk mail consumes 240,000 tonnes of paper. The amount of water used to make that much paper would fill over 8,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

It's simple to cut back on the amount of spam mail – and paper bills – you get, which would help you reduce your household paper waste.

No Advertising Material stickers are available free of charge from the 'Distribution standard board' or you can make one yourself.

Also make the choice of digital and register with online catalogue portals.

2. Optimise paper consumption

An office with 50 people will consume 7 virgin trees a year on average for paper towel. What if we try to use more of energy efficient hand dryer instead?

Keep all your tickets on your phone and avoid printing them or print them using both sides of the paper.

3. Use Lilo & Ecosia search engines

More than 125 millions trees have been planted thanks to queries made on Ecosia. Yes, you can act at your own level. One tree planted every 45 searches.

Lilo let you choose on which social or environmental project you would like to be involved in.

4. Recycle

Recycle your paper using the yellow bins. Use recycled paper and even seeded paper.

5. Plant trees

50% of Australia’s forests and bushlands has been either permanently destroyed and replaced with another land use or is classed as degraded.

Many reforestation projects (Ecologi, Wilderness) exist today to participate in the reforestation of our planet. Replanting remains one of the best solutions to defend our forests.