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How Do You Design The Ultimate ''Power Page"?

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Do you want to attract more shares and visits? Today I'm going to show you how to design the ultimate ''Power Page'':

1. Custom Post Image

You can find it on 'Iconfinder' '123rf' and use a graphic designer to add some text and play with the image if needed to make it impactful.



2. Custom Section Banner

Instead of including a single unique banner at the top of your post, you provide one for each section of your content. You just need to break it up into distinct sections. Choose a 3-5 word phrase to describe this section and add the section banners after each subheading in your post.

3. Custom Pages

Use a unique layout for your page, such as a distinct color background, infographics, etc.

I recommend hiring someone who specialises in infographic design since they know how to generate visually appealing content.

4. Custom Graphs and Visualisation

These custom graphs and visualisations are fantastic since they are simple to create and help your content stand out.

The visualisation is there to help the reader better understand what the concept is.


You may now discover how to find your Power Page topic and apply the most effective Keyword strategy in order to create your first Power Page.