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Industry Studies: 3 Simple Steps To Get Backlinks On Autopilot

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

3 simple steps that you can use to easily double or triple the number of backlinks that you

get from your industry study!

  1. Find The Right Topic

  2. Choose Your Format

  3. Collect Your Data

  4. Publish Your Results

  5. No Blah-Blah


3 simple steps that you can use to easily double or triple the number of backlinks that you

get from your industry study.

Step 1: Find The Right Topic

You should concentrate your efforts on subjects that your Linkreators are likely to share and link to.

Step 2: Choose Your Format

1# The Original Research

This is the most effective that you can produce. It requires a lot of work but the ROI can be huge.

2# Surveys

Surveys are a simple method to collect data for Linkreators to use. Even if you operate it from your home office, a survey of how many people eat meat free food and how many people stick to it may be quite effective.

3# Case Studies

The idea is to highlight a specific result that people will WANT to refer to. You may also conduct a case study on how someone consumed vegan food nutrition to reduce their blood pressure or carbon footprint.

Step 3: Collect Your Data

Document everything in detail. Include a link to your research methods, sources, etc.

Step 4: Publish Your Results

If you choose to do a case study, you can use the standard Trademark Technique framework from this other article.

You have to present the result in an objective way. It will be considered research if you document all of the methods and indicate any flaws or constraints that may have skewed your results.


Intro: We analysed... We looked at... including:

  • A

  • B

  • C

Summary of results: A summary of our most interesting findings...

  • 1

  • 2

Results: More detailed explanations with a lot of visuals to make it easier

Conclusion: Your conclusion should simply include a link to any more data that you may have on board, as well as a call to action to encourage readers to share the findings that was most interesting to them.