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Learn How To Delete 'Dead Weight Pages'

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

  1. What are they?

  2. Why should I delete Dead weight pages?

  3. How to do it?

  4. No Blah-blah


1. What Are They?

Pages on your site that don't add any value to the web:

  • Outdated/low quality blog posts

  • Archives

  • former service pages

  • outdated job listing pages

  • E-commerce product pages with no sales

  • Thin/boilerplate content

  • CMS category and tag pages

2. Why Should I Delete Dead Weight Pages

  • You concentrate your link authority

  • It helps you clearing up technical SEO issues that your website may have. More pages means a higher risk that something can go wrong

If you are unsure, you have an alternative: 'No index'

This is a tag that you can add to your page that tells search engines not to index it.

The page is still there but it won't get indexed and affect your SEO.

If the page adds value in some way or brings in sales = No index

If the page doesn't add any value or sales = Delete

3. How To Do It?

a. Search for 'site:yoursite.com' in Google

b. Delete known Dead Weight Pages (no traffic)

c. Find Dead Weight Pages in Google Analytics

(Behavior --> Site content -->All Pages -->Pageviews)

d. Delete the ones with low results

If you run across an old landing page or a page that no longer makes sense to have on your site, go ahead and delete it. If you are not sure if a page should be deleted, go ahead and noindex it.

We will teach you how to noindex a page in the next blog article :)