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Sharing My Best Copywriting Tactics With You

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Most copywriters wrap their work in mystery to give the impression that they have great copywriting talents. But the interesting thing is that I discovered that successful copywriting is simply about adopting a few tried-and-true methods:

  1. Keep Readers' Attention

  2. Understanding User's Desire

  3. Personal Pronouns

  4. Super Short Introduction

  5. Multi-Information Gaps

  6. Subheader Trick

  7. Product Page

  8. Blog Article

  9. No Blah-Blah


And now it's time for me to share my top five copywriting methods.

1. Keep Readers' Attention With The Information Gap Technic

When someone reads your content, you are requesting that they NOT do a million other things (check out their Instagram account, messenger). It's really difficult to keep people on your side, if you bore them for even a second, they're gone.

Fortunately, there is a simple method for keeping visitors reading your material.

It's called the information gap: “An information gap occurs when there’s a gap between what we know and what we want to know.”

When you allude to something that will be mentioned later in your post, you create an information gap. You just need to include one in your introduction and later in your posts.

2. Understanding User's Desire

What are your readers looking to:

  • Solve?

  • Obtain?

How to find out:

  • Manual search

  • Comments (social media, blog)

  • Forums

How many words:

  • Blog article = 800 words minimum

  • Category page = 500 to 600 words

  • Product page = 400 to 500 words

3. Personal Pronouns

Use lots and lots of personal pronouns (I, She, He, and especially “you”).

“It’s well known that employing the information gap technique to maintain readers' attention is essential.”


“I've found that if you want to maintain your readers' attention, you should employ the information gap technique.”

4. Super Short Introduction

Introduction cannot exceed 8 lines in length. Any more than that, and you'll lose readers.

As I previously said, your opening should have an information gap that previews the


Briefly outline why the subject is important, open the information gap, and move on.

Let's move on to the 4th advanced copywriting method.

5. Multi-Information Gaps

This is one of my favorite techniques.

So, what is it exactly? Instead of building up anticipation for something that will happen later, you pique your reader's interest about the next sentence.

Example: ''Here is the deal'', ''I'll explain to you why', Well, is it true, I'm not going to lie to you'

6. Subheader Trick

Unless someone is genuinely interested in what you have to say, they will not read every word of your content.

Make certain that each subheader clearly communicates the advantage of reading that section.

7. Product Page

  • Capture attention

  • Transform technical characteristics into benefits

  • Maintain the reader's interest

  • Tell some stories

  • Display the product in action

  • Address objections before they are expressed

  • Include testimonials

8. Blog Article

  • Delivering directly actionable advice (90 percent of "how" to avoid surfacing)

  • Providing steps to achieve a goal

  • Stories, verifiable results, and a goal, so that your reader can understand

  • Identifying yourself in relation to your content

  • A pedagogical content (do not complicate terms in order to appear clever)

  • Pose questions, involve your readers and engage in a dialogue with them.

  • A conclusion that compels the reader to take action

All the strategies I covered in this article will help keep visitors reading your content!