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The 6 Share Triggers That Make Your Content Go Viral

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Turn your article or blog post from generic into content that stands out, and prompts your Linkreators to share it or link to it.

You may easily do this by adopting the following share triggers:

  1. Utility

  2. Content length

  3. Memory glue

  4. Positive emotions

  5. Social currency

  6. Storytelling

  7. No Blah-blah


1. Utility

It needs to be something very practical, like assembly instructions or recipes for instance.

All you need to do is follow the steps to have assembled furniture or a tasty meal!

Your content should contain several tips or lessons that people can implement right away.

2. Content Length

Longer content gets more shares.

The minimum should be 1,500 words per blog post and don't hesitate to go 3,000+ words.

3. Memory Glue

Highly-memorable content results in more shares.

You can make your content more memorable in two ways:

1. Use The Trademark Technique to create “branded” strategies

2. Create visual content using infographics, charts or graphs

4. Positive Emotions

Everyone is after positive emotions.

The more positive emotions you include in your content, the more shares it’ll get.

You can talk about people achieving success no matter how small or big it can be.

For example, if you run a site about vegan food, you could publish a case study of how a client

felt healthier in his/her every day life.

Or, how you increased your online selling 216% in one month.

You just need to combine positive emotions with practical information.

5. Social Currency

Share great news about your Linkreators (he/she got promoted, won an award...)

Your content will make them look good and they’ll instinctively want to share

it with their audience.

6. Storytelling

Stories have extremely powerful effects on our brains as we can identify ourselves with them.

You don't need to talk about something crazy, just share a time you or someone you knew used one of your tips, products or achieved a specific result.