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The Crowdsourced Manual

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Power Pages succeed because they are on a topic that your industry influencers WANT to share with their audience.

With the Crowdsourced Manual, you're not just generating content FOR the Linkreators, but you're creating content WITH the Linkreators.

  1. Find Your Crowdsourced Manual Topic

  2. Create Your List Of Experts

  3. Create A Question Based On The Topic You Identified In Step #1

  4. Contact Your Linkreators

  5. Collect Your Responses

  6. Turn Your Responses Into A Blog Post

  7. Let Your Experts Know That ''We Are Live''

  8. Send The Post To People That Didn't Participate This Time

  9. No Blah-Blah


You will be compiling bite-sized advice and insights from hundreds of professionals = Very high utility.

The Crowdsourced Manual is a wonderful Content Framework to deploy if you are just getting started or trying to extend your network.

Sounds interesting! Where do we start?

Step 1: Find Your Crowdsourced Manual Topic

You may choose a topic on which your experts can readily give their thoughts.

Step 2: Create Your List Of Experts

You can make it using those simple steps.

Once you've compiled a list, you may look for Linkreators who are VERY likely to contribute to your Power Page.


Step 3: Create A Question Based On The Topic You Identified In Step #1

Turn that topic into an easy-to-answer question. The contribution should be very short and no time consuming for your influencers.

Step 4: Contact Your Linkreators

Be confident and don't be afraid to contact the bigger names on your list first.



I'm compiling a list of experts on TOPIC. And I (naturally) wanted to invite you to contribute (takes 60 seconds).

The question is: YOUR QUESTION. Because I know you're busy, all you need to do is respond in 1-2 sentences (50-100 words is totally fine).

I’ll obviously include a link to your site and Twitter/Linkedin profile in the post.



PS: A few big name experts have already weighed in, and I'd love you to give your contribution as well.

Step 5: Collect Your Responses

You can set up a Google Doc that will be organising all your responses.

Step 6: Turn Your Responses Into A Blog Post



  • Number of experts and who they are?

  • The topic they are covering (Can be in the form of a question)


  • Present the problem

  • State the question

  • Note the quality and number of responses you received


  • Subheading with a quote or summary of their response

  • A brief bio with links to their site and social media profiles

  • Their response


You want your conclusion to highlight how fantastic your resource is.


Step 7: Let Your Experts Know That ''We Are Live''

Using: “our post” and “we”. Emphasize the fact that the post was a group effort.


Subject: We are live NAME


Just a quick heads up that our roundup post is live.


Thanks again for your contribution. If you think your audience might find value in the post, a social media share would be awesome!

Thanks again,


Step 8: Send The Post To People That Didn't Participate This Time

Reach out to the experts who did not contribute once the post has had a few days to generate social shares and comments.


Subject: Quick heads up


I know you didn’t have time to participate in the expert roundup I mentioned last week.

But I thought you might want to check it out: URL

Also, although the “deadline” for contributing has passed, I’d be more than happy to add your response (and a link back to your site). Either way, I hope you enjoy the post!



People recognize the big names that contributed to your content and they feel like they’re linking to THEM.