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The Four Proven Methods To Find Your ''Power Page'' Topic

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

A power page is a piece of content that uses SEO strategically to quickly rank higher on search engines, by using top quality and well-researched blogs. It's Linkreators focused, based on a proven topic and built with a good content framework.

The 4 methods to find your Power Page topic:

  1. Linkreators focused

  2. Using resource pages

  3. Look at your Linkreators' top page

  4. Find a keyword that matches the topic

  5. No Blah-blah


1. Linkreators Focused

Once you got your Linkreators list, you need to know what topics they already link to and share. You can have a look at their latest articles and pick a common topic.

The content framework needs to be captivating, immersive and relevant.



2. Using Resource Pages

They curate the best content on a given topic from the web. Those pages link to the content they include and you can see which topic your Linkreators link to, all in one place.

Search on Google: { ''Your topic'' resources }

Example: Local SEO resources


3. Look At Your Linkreators' Top Page

You will be able to see the exact topics your Linkreators' Linkreators link to.

Look for the ''Best pages by incoming links''


4. Find a keyword that matches the topic

Avoid long tail keywords as you would need to publish a lot of pages to cover more specific topics. Long tail keywords are keywords that have low search volumes and low levels

of competition.

Less competition does not mean better ranking as Google now understands two different people searching for two similar keywords want essentially the same thing. Medium tail keywords will show up on the search result page as well as the long tail keywords.

That could hurt your SEO as 1 power page with 10 backlinks is better than 10 pages with lower authority.

What you need to do is create a power page and optimise it around a medium tail keyword. You can then create internal linking to your long tail keyword product page.

You can find medium tail keywords by:

- Entering a Linkreator-focused term

- Sorting by search volume (https://www.semrush.com/analytics/keywordmagic/start)

- Choosing a medium tail keyword from the middle


In doing that you’ll naturally rank for hundreds or thousands of different keywords.