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The Go-To Guidebook! One Of The Most Powerful Content Frameworks

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

A Go-To Guidebook is a book that covers almost everything a person needs to know about a particular topic. In this article, I’m going to show you how to create one of the most very powerful 'Power Page'.

  1. Pick a Linkreator-Friendly Topic

  2. Break Your Topic Down into 7-10 Subtopics

  3. Turn Your Subtopics Into Benefit-Rich Chapter Titles

  4. The Go-To Guidebook detailed

  5. The Conclusion

  6. No Blah-blah


1. Pick a Linkreator-Friendly Topic

A subject that your Linkreators frequently share and link to. Must not be either too broad or too narrow. You want a topic that can be readily divided into 7-10 subtopics.

TOO BROAD Can't cover everything in only 10 subtopics

E.g.: How to lose weight

GREAT SPOT How to burn fat How to gain muscle

TOO NARROW Impossible to divide into 7+ subtopics

E.g.: How to lose your excess belly fat

2. Break Your Topic Down Into 7-10 Subtopics

They will be the chapters of your Go-To Guidebook.

3. Turn Your Subtopics Into Benefit-Rich Chapter Titles

You need to add value, the benefit of your content needs to be clear.

Ex: How To Quickly Burn Fat With Metabolism Boosters

4. The Go-To Guidebook


Use adjectives like: 'Ultimate' or 'Definitive'

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The simple method for a great intro

This makes your content look more like a “book”, which boosts its perceived value.

Each chapter should have a 'Page jump' link

First chapters are basic and introduce the topic

Middle chapters are more detailed and advanced topic

Final chapters are short case studies, tips, tutorials etc

Each chapter will have a short introduction (30-90 words) where you will describe 3-5 things someone needs to know about that subtopic.

5. The Conclusion

Short conclusion where you can ask your readers if they have any comment, question.