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Why You Should Use Middle-Tail Keywords For Your Power Pages

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

We first talked about how to design your ultimate Power Page and covered the four proven methods to find its topic.

Today we are going to identify the best keywords that matches with it.

  1. An Example Of A Bad Strategy

  2. Forget About Long Tail Keywords

  3. The E-commerce Case

  4. How To Find A Middle-Tail Keyword?

  5. No Blah-Blah

Before you begin, keep in mind that it is critical to do keyword research only after you have identified your link creators!

1. An Example Of A Bad Strategy

a. Begin your strategy by focusing on a keyword tool.

b. Write down a few generic key words related to his activity.

c. Select those that appear to be the most relevant among the tool's suggestions.

d. Write articles based on the keywords you've chosen.

Why is this so?

Perhaps your keyword has a large number of searches. But who says your link creators want to talk about it? No one = Waste of time

2. Forget About Long Tail Keywords When It Comes To Power Pages

You can easily repeat yourself. It is simpler to position yourself on it, but the number of searches is far smaller.

"T-shirt made of recyclable tencel material," for example.

Remember that there are 3 types of keywords in SEO!

  • Middle-tail keyword = Best camera

  • Long-tail keyword = Best Nikon camera under $500



→ 5 long tail keywords = 1 generic keyword (in terms of volume)

On the surface, that seems like a good strategy. But in reality, it doesn't work for Power Pages. Constantly chasing these types of keywords is not necessarily a good idea: you have to vary!

Problem: Many sites target multiple long tail keywords on similar topics.

Example: - 7 healthy breakfasts to lose weight

- 5 breakfasts to burn fat

→ Very similar Queries & Contents!

Problem #1 with long tail keywords

Google has chosen to punish sites that do this as a result of all the time they have spent encountering it. Its system can now identify sites that utilise similar long tail keywords (Google Panda) → Fall in traffic


Problem #2 with long tail keywords

In the same way, Google Panda can recognise content that is too identical. It actively combats content duplication and penalises sites who do so.

Problem #3 with long tail keywords

But Panda is only part of the problem. Google's recent Hummingbird algorithm made long tail keywords obsolete… This algorithm is in fact able to completely identify the intent behind a keyword.

Before Google Hummingbird: Career Conversion ≠ Changing Your Professional Life

Today: Google sees the same intent. The proposed results will therefore be similar.

Whereas, if you optimise your Power Page around a middle-tail keyword, you will automatically rank on dozens, if not hundreds of keywords!


Problem #4 with long tail keywords

It may also diminish the authority of your website!

If you wish to build your approach solely on long-tail keywords, you will need to produce a large number of articles. Every of them being optimised on different keywords.

However, all of these pages are harming your SEO!

The more pages you have, the less authority there is between them.

Secret to improving the overall positioning of a site quickly. So the SEO juice is concentrated on the important pages.

Delete zombie pages!

3. The E-commerce Case

But what if you are an e-commerce site and want to position a category page on the keyword “Cheap Yoga Mats”?

In this case, you are targeting a promotional keyword. So you can't create Power Pages on a product keyword.

→ Difficult to create value for your readers on this type of subject.

However, you know you need to get backlinks.

→ Problem: it is complicated to create it on this kind of pages.

You will still create a Power Page!

Your category page will be optimised for a transactional keyword = yoga mat

Your Power Page will be optimised on a medium-tail keyword = Yoga for Weight Loss

The principle of transfer of authority


Link to

4. How To Find A Middle-Tail Keyword?

Example: an e-commerce that sells protein meals to heat up → I use the general term "protein".

1. Go to a keyword research tool

2. Type in a broad keyword corresponding to the subject of your Power Page

3. Sort by monthly search volume

4. Choose an middle-tail from the middle



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