Professional Pictures

Eye appeal is buy appeal

You must determine if you want to capture or create photographs.

This differentiation is important if you want to set your brands out from the competitors. The photographs you use are as much a reflection of your company as your workers or the services you provide.

Visual language has surpassed written language as the major mode of communication between businesses and their consumers.

The higher the quality of your graphic, the more likely it will be shared, liked, and retweeted.

What makes a professional picture?

  • Lighting that highlights the subject to present it in a good way

  • No aberration and not too many subjects at once

  • Interesting subjects and/or the optimal focus point set

  • A unique perspective with a creative composition

  • Proper depth-of-field and a good exposure

Why you need professional photos for your business website?

Why shouldn't I just use free stock photography?

It's affordable, most of the time free and it's easy. Yes, but just remember that you bought the right to use the photograph that hundreds or thousands of other businesses did as well. What if your customers already saw the same pictures on a competitor's website.

Can you relate to seeing the same boring and inauthentic pictures everywhere? There are very easy to ignore.

People Also Ask

  • A picture is worth a thousand words

  • High quality pictures will communicate the same about you

  • Imagery increase your engagement by 180%

  • Authentic pictures are truely representing your branding

  • Professional photos are versatile assets (online & offline strategy)