Search Engine Optimisation

Organic search is most often the primary source of traffic. Win the click. 

The more visibility your sites have in search results, the more likely you are to pique the curiosity of prospective and new consumers.


Having a higher ranking than your competitors might have a significant influence on your bottom line.


People often do commercial searches, and SEO complements other marketing techniques.


It's measurable, inexpensive, and part of a long-term plan.

Does search engine optimisation work?

Yes, and the sooner you start implementing a SEO strategy the better. Failure to participate in SEO best practices can prevent your business from being listed and being visible. There is no point in investing in a website design if it's not attracting any leads. Impact web design made some of our client's websites go from untraceable to the 1st page for its specific keyword, it works!

What is the link between SEO and marketing?

They are both, two primary tools making Digital Marketing effective and driving results for businesses. Both have their own strengths but in a competitive market, none is good enough on its own. 

  • Backlinking is good for SEO and creates marketing synergy 

  • It relies on titles and a good structure that is more user friendly

  • It uses the right keyword and good content marketing produces high-value relevant content. The SEO makes it organically visible.

People Also Ask

Why is search engine optimisation important?

  • Increase your traffic and visibility

  • The higher you rank, the most credible you will be

  • Long term investment with a higher ROI than the other channels

  • Better user experience and mobile-friendly

  • Measurable KPIs

  • Targeted audience

Search engine optimisation strategy or pay per click model?

  • SEO comes at a low cost to anyone who wants to use it but it's more like a long term investment. SEO results take longer to develop but it has a better cost efficiency and powerful results.

  • PPC model is great if you want to get a message across quickly. If you want to create your brand awareness and be on the first page of Google within a day, PPC is the right strategy.

Just have in mind that nearly 80% of users ignore paid ads in SERPs.

Why everyone says that SEO is cheap?

By definition, SEO brings you organic leads as opposed to the global paid marketing system. Many small businesses will spend all their marketing budget in paid campaigns that might not even work for them in the first place. That's why SEO is considered as cheaper because more effective on the long term period.