Social Media
& E-reputation

Share content quickly, efficiently and in real-time

Social media is a media with a short attention span.


What you need to do is grab our attention since we're all looking through dozens of posts at once.

Speak directly to your target audience and discuss a topic that is relevant to them.

Drive leads and revenue by cultivating loyal brand supporters.


Spread the word about your event so that your consumers do not miss out.

Why social media is important for business?

  • It improves your brand awareness

  • Cost effective as you can increase your conversion rate and ROI with a small budget invested beforehand

  • Engage with your target audience 

  • Improve your brand loyalty

  • Better customer satisfaction as they can reach you on any media

  • See customers' interests and opinions

  • Increase your website traffic and improve your SEO

Which social media is the most popular?

The most popular remains

  • Facebook, which is used by more than 80% of businesses. It's the favorite for the sheer amount of users. 

  • Then comes Youtube but not ideal for all businesses

  • And Instagram for more visual strategies

How can we optimise our social media strategy?

  • Optimise your strategy in having clear goals and quantified target

  • Use the keywords your audience is using for their searches

  • Optimise your profile to start with a strong foundation

  • Post valuable/quality original and curated content

  • Use hashtags with purpose and related to your industry

  • Set up a posting strategy

  • Monitor your campaign 

Is online reputation management important?

It positively influence the perceptions that others have of you.

Negative feedbacks has the potential to go viral and be enduring. Quickly respond to any negative reviews that may affect your reputation and make sure that only the best information about you is live. It will boost sales, build trust and credibility. 


How online reputation management works?

It can be both online and offline. Your business will improve its authority in collecting as many feedbacks as possible.

Improve your customers experience by engaging with them through their online reviews. You have marketing softwares that check all your online reviews.

The link between online reputation and social media monitoring

Social media monitoring is used to track the reputation of your company, the movements of the competition. It will help address complaints or concerns from consumers, collate feedback and reduce negative reviews of your brand. 

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